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Self Contained

Yarders are designed to be operated in the mountains and back country of the Northwest. It may be several hours from the nearest electrical service or fueling station. The Yarders are available mounted on tracks, trailer, or self propelled rubber tires. With the exception of assembling themselves, Yarders are designed to be mobile (self propelled or towed). They can be leveled using their own hydraulic jacks, and they can raise their own spar.
One man operation
When the system is set up properly, one person can handle the day to day operations. Changing the “road” (the trench that is dug by the bucket), can be done by one person but is easier with two. If two shifts are working the machine we recommend overlapping the shifts to facilitate the maintenance and rigging changes necessary.

Modern brakes and clutches
Water cooled brakes provide a smooth drag on the lines without over heating. This makes running the Yarders easier and requires far less maintenance. The brakes have their own cooling system so that no extra heat is put into the engine.
Some models have the In-haul drum (Mainline) and Outhaul drum (Haulback) interlocked. As one drum is pulling the line it is also driving line off the other drum. As the line builds up on one drum the line speed increases at the same time the line speed is decreasing on the drum being paid out. The difference is made up with a slipping of one clutch and one of the drums being shifted to a higher or lower speed accordingly. The advantage of this system is that rather than dragging a brake to keep the outgoing line from running away, that drum is actually returning energy to the system. The interlocked system, however is more challenging to learn to operate.

Minimal movements when setup
Once the machine is set up and the skyline tensioned, there are only 2 drums that are used continuously. One that pulls the bucket in and one that pulls the bucket up towards the Skyline, and out towards the tail hold, The third working line (Skyline) carries the bucket out to the area of excavation.
Bucket capacity
We have built bucket from 3 to 20 cubic yards. Most of the buckets are 8 to 12 cubic yards. A larger bucket however, will not always equate to higher or more cost effective production. Having the right combination of bucket, hoist, and material will result in the most cost effective production for each unique situation.
Speed, Line Pull, Power
When appropriate the machines are geared down to optimise the power to speed ratio. Line pulls up to 370,000 pounds are available.
Design and Setup on Your Job Site
Ramsey Company's primary emphasis is buying and selling quality used Yarder/towers. We own all the machines we sell and strive to keep as many machines ready to work as possible.

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