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Moving Wet or Unstable Material
Swamp, bog, marsh, mire, moor, muskeg or what ever it is called in your part of the world. Any ground situation where equipment cannot be operated directly on the surface of the material being excavated is ideal for the skyline excavator. Potential applications include excavating peat bogs, cleaning sludge ponds, and agricultural lagoons.

Reclaiming Settling Ponds
Settling pond reclamation is a natural for the Skyline Excavator. When the material in a settling pond is over 50% solids it becomes difficult or impossible to move with even the best pumps.
To handle this “soupy” material we recommend digging a hole, to act as a sump, near the base of the spar. The material can then be scraped into the sump and dipped out with an excavator to be loaded into trucks. It is also possible to pull the material up a loading ramp to fill a truck, hopper, or de-watering apparatus. Another method is to breach the retaining dike and use the Skyline Excavator to scrape the material through the breach. Material of this type is quite easy for the Skyline Excavator to move. Once a trench is established the bucket will push large amounts of muck in front of the bucket.

Safety of Personnel and Equipment
Operating conventional draglines, loaders, or excavators near an unstable area exposes operators and equipment to potential disaster. With a properly setup and rigged Sky line system there is no need for personnel or property to be exposed these dangerous areas.
Reach out to 1000 feet or More
Though the most efficient operation for a Skyline Excavator is at 600 feet or less, extremely long spans are possible. As the span increases the cycle times increase as well. The limiting factors becomes how much line the drums will hold.

Dig Up Hill Down Hill or Under Water
Mining out of a high bank is dangerous and time intensive work. Operating loaders at the base of a high bank or running a dozer down the face is not only dangerous but very hard on the equipment. The Skyline Excavator can be set up on the top of a high bank to pull the material up the hill. More commonly they are set near the bottom of the bank and used to pull the material down to where it can be safely loaded and hauled.

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