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We have used Sauerman/Cresent drag scraper buckets available.

Swamp, bog, marsh, mire, moor, muskeg or what ever it is called in your part of the world. Any ground situation where equipment cannot be operated directly on the surface of the material being excavated is ideal for the skyline excavator. Potential applications include mining sand and gravel from "mined out" pits, excavating peat bogs, cleaning sludge ponds, and agricultural lagoons dredging channels or digging trenches for pipe, cable, or optical fiber crossings.

Only The Strongest machines built.
Ramsey Company Inc. buys only machines that are capable of handling the extreme stress of mining sand and gravel. Each machine is then profesionally refurbished to good working order by our experienced staff.

Job Site Evaluation
We will visit your job site and recommend a system that will handle your particular needs. We design and manufacture our own buckets (which we have Patented) and configure the bucket to work for a particular situation. Our buckets are made from quality Swedish steel using 400 and 500 Brinell abrasion resistant plate where necessary. If you look around you will find our buckets are quite affordable.
Assist with setup
To ensure top performance from your equipment we provide training for your personnel in the safe and proper maintenance and operation of the system. Though the system looks intimidating to operate, with proper training the average person can learn to operate the system in a few hours.
Setting up the system for the first time can be a daunting experience for someone not experienced with this type of machine. As part of the sale we will assist and train your crew to position, raise and lower the tower, as well as the proper methods to replace lines and rigging.
Arrange for shipping
As part of every sale we will arrange for shipping and provide you with the most reliable and competitive shipping quotes available. We also will disassemble and load the equipment as needed for proper shipping to ensure safe and complete delivery.
Assist with replacement parts
Ramsey Company buys only strong well built equipment capable of handling the demands of mining sand and gravel. However, no machine is fail proof and should the need for replacement parts arise we will assist you in locating new or used replacement parts.
Lines And Rigging
Ramsey Company can handle all your lines and rigging needs. We carry new and reconditioned used sheave blocks. New and good used import and domestic wire rope. All our lines and rigging meet the stringent quality standards demanded by the logging, mining, and construction industry.
Follow up assistance after the sale
Mining situations change drastically from location to location as well as within a given pit. Ramsey Company is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Should difficulties arise with your equipment we will be happy to provide technical assistance when ever necessary.

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